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We are a World of Warcraft alliance guild on Suramar server US.  Our goal is to have FUN by doing Heroics, Raids and most of all by helping our members grow and experience ALL of the World of Warcraft.  If you are a guild member please sign-in to the site, use your main guild characters name as part (or all) of your sign-in name.  If you aren't a member of Crimson Templars, but want to be please contact Darkfawn, Kristaria or Lillithmora in game on Suramar for information.

If you are planning to raid with us, be sure you have the required add-ons and software.  You can find out about these by clicking here.

Other Guild News

Guild Level 16!

krisabear, Jan 22, 13 11:58 AM.
We are leveling fiends! The guild has surpassed GL 16, we all get insta mail now to other guild members, woot!  We are working on trying run as many old raids as the 3 or 4 of us can handle, we would love it if some of our old guildies turned back up though so we could make a run at some of the higher content.  We may try 3/4 manning the lower Pandarian dungeons once we all have a group of lvl 90s with decent gear, but that may be more difficult than realistic, we'll see.  Hope you all had a great Holiday Season, and are keeping warm!  See you in game.

It's been a while but we are alive and well!

krisabear, Jan 4, 13 10:12 PM.
With the return of Darkfawn (Laurea) and myself, as Kristaria and Kalypsia, we are alive and well.  We hit Guild Level 14 on Friday Jan 4!  Others are back too, Lillithmora (Mora) and as of yesterday Saraeva has rejoined us.  So if you are a former member, or someone looking for a guild that is just having fun and playing WoW, come on back or just join us!

A Cataclysmic Expansion: coming soon to a world near you!

krisabear, Aug 23, 09 2:01 PM.
As most of you probably know by now, the gods of WoW have announced the plans for a new expansion, Cataclysm (if you haven't checked out the details head over to the wow website and look 

I'm not going to go into a lot of details since you can read it all on the official website, but I do want to toss out a few things for your consideration.

1) The geography and demographics of Azeroth is going to be dramatically changed by events that lead up to this expansion.  Towns ruined, zones broken and transformed, cats and dogs living together...well you get the idea.  Is this good or bad?  Are the devs feeling that everyone is so bored with the way things are now that they must remake the old world in probably less desirable ways?  Does making it so we can have the ability to use our flying mounts in old Azeroth really require remaking/breaking everything?  Will this be a game improvement or a pain in the tushie?

2) New character races.  At first the initial reaction to this might be excitement, yay something new to play as...then we find out what those two new races are and, at least for me, the excitement turns to a cry of despair.  The hordes' new race is going to be those materialistic, self-serving, merchantilists known as goblins.  Not really a big surprise, they are definitely the most logical choice.  On the other hand for the alliance the new race is going to be...WORGANS!?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't worgans in fact werewolves, creatures which are known for their hatred of other races and their voracious appetite for human/elf/gnome/dwarf flesh!  Now they are going to be on the side of the "good guys" what in the world is Blizzard thinking!?  This doesn't make sense in any way that my twisted and warped imagination can conceive of.  What happened to the High Elves...why does Blizzard continue to cower in fear at the prospect of unlocking this very noble race with such a fabulous depth of history for use as a player race?  We may never know.

3) New classes for the existing player races.  Having more options is generally a good thing, as long as those options make sense for the races backstory.  Some of these don't!!!  Whereas I never understood why all races can't have a warrior class, and most should be able to be hunters since in human history every one traces ancestry back to hunter/gatherers, how can Blizzard simply ignore one of the main elements in the history of Night Elves (which THEY created, shades of George Lucas seem to be appearing in the offices of Blizzard) and grant them the ability to become arcane spell casters in the form of Mages?  Isn't arcane magic the very stuff that the Night Elves have shunned because of the destruction wrought in the past by uncontrolled magic?  Isn't that the main ideological difference between Blood Elves and Night Elves? What about Tauren PALADIN's?  Ok, maybe that one's not quite so off base, Taurens are allegedly a very honor driven race so this one can be made to work. The other old race new class options are pretty easy to swallow, a few may raise an eyebrow, but they can be made to work in the story. Not so with NE mages, sorry Blizzard, EPIC FAIL! 
Of the new race classes, I question strongly the rationale of worgan druids, but then I guess all logic and sense goes out the window once you decide to make worgans a player race in the first place!

Oh well..I've gone on quite long enough. I'm sure you all will have your own opinions and I hope to hear from you about them.  As for me, well I'm just hoping that Star Wars Old Republic comes out around or before this planned expansion.  Meanwhile, Runes of Magic is a very good alternative to accepting another level cap increase and worgans as dinner guests drooling over your first born child like a tender morsel (which to them he/she is!)

Have fun!


Crimson Templars new Guild Manager

krisabear, Jul 29, 09 2:37 PM.
I would like you all to welcome Darkfawn as the new GM of Crimson Templars.  Krisabear has departed the guild to join The Death Knights raid guild and we wish her the best.  "Fawnie" has been with CT for a long while and she's going to make a great GM.  I'm sure Fawnie will have more to say about her plans and ideas for the guild in the days/weeks to come.

Sisters of Elune - Designated Alternate Server

krisabear, Jul 19, 09 9:43 PM.
Where should we go in the event that Suramar is down, but WoW is not?  I'm suggesting what to do in this alternate server, read the post and reply please!

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